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3 Reasons Why Politicians Should Dress Elegantly and in Style

Politicians are public figures, whether they like it or not. In general terms, they are the face of the state or country and ought to pay attention to their appearance at all times. While they are elected to serve the public, they must remember that the public does not want to see a badly dressed or groomed public servant.

Politics FashionOne of the primary reasons is that they are in front of the media at all times. They may be caught unawares at times, which is all the more reason for them to make sure they dress well and appear elegant or stylish. Politicians would not want screaming headlines that criticizes their attire. It may be irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. After all, they are supposed to be working on weightier issues such as healthcare or safety of the country. No one expects them to take to a catwalk. Nevertheless, dressing well makes a statement. It tells the people that appearance can be important and impressions are important too.

Another reason could be boosting the morale of the people. When the public is worried about the economy and families are losing their jobs and homes, the morale is at an all-time low. Keeping up appearances can bring about a sense of reassurance among the people. It gives them the confidence to keep up the faith and not give in to the pressures. Yet another reason is that politicians are expected to be international figures and do travel widely.

They carry the image of the country wherever they go. You could say that they are the face of the country and no country likes to be shamed in front of another. They are the brand ambassadors so to speak. They need not raid the country’s coffers in order to dress well. But, personal grooming ought to be part of the monthly budget and setting aside some time and money from their personal pocket should be considered a part of the job of a politician. The only thing they should do additionally is to look after their body too.

We are not the only ones talking about the importance that fashion and elegance play in politics. Forbes has an extensive article on the topic, too.

  • Unfortunately, not all of the politicians pay enough attention to their health or bodies.
  • It is not vanity that ought to drive them.
  • It should be common sense and a need for a healthier lifestyle.

Obesity and bad posture make a negative impact even if they were to don only the best of the designer labels. It might go a long way if one of the rules of the job is to include a healthy diet and regular exercise. Wearing good clothes and being stylish can only go so far if they let their bodies go to seed.